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AnteSpam Email Security and Hosting Overview

Spam & viruses are NOT allowed!

With encrypted email, GeoIP filtering, and much more! AnteSpam is powerful, easy to use and compatible with most email hosting services like Office 365.

  1. Signup.
  2. Modify your domain DNS MX record.
  3. Read your email safely and securely.

Once you have used AnteSpam for a few months and like it, refer others...receive more money.

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Our services and pricing are optimized for small to medium-sized business. We support domains with one to thousands of email addresses.

You are busy with your business and do not have time to worry about your email. You need email services that you can trust AND are priced so you have more money to grow your business.

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According to Verizon's Data Breach Investigations Reports, 95% of all espionage attacks and nearly 80% of all malware attacks involve phishing. Another recent study estimates a 22% chance any given business could have a breach within the next 24 months.

Before a data breach or ransomware attack happens wouldn't it be good if the next time one of your users clicks on a suspicious email link, that email was from AnteSpam Email Security Training (EST) and it showed them how to avoid the next "real" phishing email they receive?

EST is a behavior-based, on-the-job learning experience with group profiles and adaptive training to help everyone recognize and avoid phishing attacks. EST builds safe reading habits through instant feedback as you read your email.

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If you are an AnteSpam retail customer or Channel Partner, refer another company or organization to use AnteSpam and receive credit toward your service cost based on their on-time payments.

If you provide network or Internet technical services to other businesses, you can become a Channel Partner to generate income while helping your customers use our service.

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